Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wedding - Tracy and Bryan

Tracy and Bryan had their ceremony and reception at the Ranche Restaurant in Fish Creek Park (which is inside the Calgary city limits way down south). Its a great venue and I like shooting there a lot.

We started off with a reveal that produced a few tears and then did their portrait session before the ceremony.

I seem to have this habit of finding walls the same color as the brides eyes.

Bryan's nephew during the ceremony. You'll find that if you make random loud noises during a wedding ceremony someone will pick you up and carry you to back of the crowd.

This is what I call poaching and I do it all the time. Basically, you let a wedding guest set up a photo and then you just swing by and steal it.

Four generations.

Reception setting.

Toast to the bride.

Bryan's other nephew and a lot of ice cream.

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