Thursday, August 02, 2007

Family Session - Chloe and folks

I am cleaning house here a bit today and posting a few sessions that I wanted to share.

Chloe is very cute!

Chloe's dad Shawn is afflicted with PDS. Proud Dad Syndrome is common and usually cured when the child does annoying things such throwing up in a car, waiting until the carpets are cleaned to spill spaghetti on the floor, or removing a soiled diaper and using it to color on the walls.

Happy parents.


Karen Doherty said...

Ha! Ok- confess! Have any or all of the above cures happened to you? Hope your summer's going well Alan. =)

Lynn Fletcher said...

Wow!!! The picture of the family at the waterfall made me cry. As a new Mom myself, I could definately relate to the emotion that you captured, Alan. Well done as always!!