Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wedding - Megan and Aaron

I like November. Mainly because it’s the month everyone loves to hate and I like an underdog. To me though, it’s the best month for watching movies in front of a fire or reading a book in a coffee shop. There is no guilt associated with not doing something else because there is really nothing else to do (that can't be a proper sentence). When we met Megan and Aaron they told us they were having their reception at a quaint little Italian restaurant called Il Pescatore, it sounded like an ideal November wedding. I was jealous of the guests that were invited.

I love it when couples smile before the first kiss.

Aaron was actually a groomsmen for Steve, who is on the far right. I photographed Steve and Jolane's wedding in the Fall of 2005. There are a few photos of him and his wife in my main galleries.

I wanted to get some images that felt like "November" and I think I got pretty close on this one.

Like I said above, November = coffee.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Family - Fin and crew

We photographed a really cute little guy named Fin last week and his best friend Summit, who is a Golden Retriever. We included his parents in a few too just so there wouldn't be any pouting, but its kind of like school sports where you have to let the uncoordinated guy play once in a while just so everyone is happy.

In the office.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wedding - Jacquelyn and Josh

On November 10th I went out to Banff to shoot Jacquelyn and Josh's wedding. I am very grateful to Lynn Martin of Table Talk (coordinator) who made the venues look amazing and the day run so smoothly.

When the freshly married couple came out of the ceremony it was snowing pretty hard, which worked out well for the photos (well, at least for the photographer wearing a winter coat). Not so good if you are in open-toed shoes and a wedding dress. Jacquelyn is pretty tough and did every crazy thing I suggested. As a result I think they have some really dramatic and unique photos. Thanks guys and all the best.


It wouldn't be a Banff wedding unless a tour bus unloaded right beside your car.

Having some fun with the veil.

The amazing reception setting put together by Lynn Martin and the Banff Springs staff.

A tear during the dance with her dad.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wedding - Mark and Michelle

On November 4th I photographed a Mailman marrying a Mailwomen. Actually if you want to be politicaly correct they are called Letter Carriers these days. Michelle and Mark have both driven delivery routes for Canada Post so they know the city way better than me, which was just fine because I had a blast shooting at a bunch of new locations. Actually, we didn't go to one place I had ever been before getting to the reception at Springbank Links Golf Club. They even managed to find a Canada Post truck.

The ring bearer shows off the goods.

When we were kids my brother and I had to sit and be quiet in church or we would usually suffer some sort of subtle physical encouragement to shut up and sit still. This kid watched Thomas the Train during the ceremony. Kids these days have it good.

Long dress and no one will know.