Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stanley with 44 and 27 in God's country

This week I was back in the East Kootenays (B.C.) for all of the Stanley Cup mayhem associated with the Rob and Scott bringing the cup back home. We spent a few hours on Tuesday night flying around with Clay from Bighorn Helicopters and landed at a couple different locations which you'll see below.

*note - I am bumping this shoot ahead a bit, so if you are waiting for your event to get Blogged, stand by, its coming.

The Steeples are a prominent part of the Cranbrook skyline. Some of the photos shown later were taken on the Dibble Glacier, which is on the back side of the Steeples, and others were taken on the far right peak (Bull Mountain).

This is probably my favourite photo from this shoot. It tells the whole story (brothers winning cup together - if you don't know it you probably don't care anyways).

On Dibble Glacier.

Summit of Bull Mountain.


Gail said...

Totally over the top!!!

myla said...

wow! talk about reaching the top! amazing photos, alan! :) i'm sure there's one with you and the brothers tucked away somewhere! :)