Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stanley with 44 and 27 in God's country

This week I was back in the East Kootenays (B.C.) for all of the Stanley Cup mayhem associated with the Rob and Scott bringing the cup back home. We spent a few hours on Tuesday night flying around with Clay from Bighorn Helicopters and landed at a couple different locations which you'll see below.

*note - I am bumping this shoot ahead a bit, so if you are waiting for your event to get Blogged, stand by, its coming.

The Steeples are a prominent part of the Cranbrook skyline. Some of the photos shown later were taken on the Dibble Glacier, which is on the back side of the Steeples, and others were taken on the far right peak (Bull Mountain).

This is probably my favourite photo from this shoot. It tells the whole story (brothers winning cup together - if you don't know it you probably don't care anyways).

On Dibble Glacier.

Summit of Bull Mountain.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wedding - Suzanne and Jason

I was back at the Ranche last Sunday for Suzanne and Jason's wedding. The lighting was completely different than the week before, which meant the locations I used were different as well (i.e., I had lots of fun). This couple is definitely in love. The first time I asked them to kiss each other it was so intense I had to look away as I felt they needed a moment alone. The more compassionate a couple is the easier they are to photograph (for me), so these two made my job pretty dreamy.

Some details.

The guys.

I love it when unplanned things happen. On a side note, as a cyclist, I cringe when I see people with helmets that fit improperly, especially kids. The worst is when you see people riding around with it on backwards.

This is Jason's nephew. I took a lot of photos of him and this is my favorite. It's really easy to find deep grass when your model is only 3 feet tall.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wedding - Katherine and Matt

On Saturday I photographed Katherine and Matt's wedding. Their family and friends were so good to me, offering drinks and help all the time. The wedding party was beyond energetic, but never annoying. Thank to all of you for letting me do my thing.

A few portraits of Katherine before the ceremony.

I think Katherine's parents were scratching their heads when I took their beautiful daughter out of their beautiful house and stuck her in front of a dirty retaining wall, but hopefully this one will redeem me.

Sacred Heart Church in Calgary.

The Yard House.

Best man, being the best man I guess.

The wedding party killing time.

A very cool pair of Nine West.

Wiffle cow chasing bride and groom. "Mmm, flowers".

The Alberta Room at the Palliser. Room decor and design by Lynn Del Castilho (delcy)

There were so many great moments during the dance (including a performance by Katherine and her dad), but his one took the prize (I think this is Matt's grandfather).

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wedding - Tracy and Bryan

Tracy and Bryan had their ceremony and reception at the Ranche Restaurant in Fish Creek Park (which is inside the Calgary city limits way down south). Its a great venue and I like shooting there a lot.

We started off with a reveal that produced a few tears and then did their portrait session before the ceremony.

I seem to have this habit of finding walls the same color as the brides eyes.

Bryan's nephew during the ceremony. You'll find that if you make random loud noises during a wedding ceremony someone will pick you up and carry you to back of the crowd.

This is what I call poaching and I do it all the time. Basically, you let a wedding guest set up a photo and then you just swing by and steal it.

Four generations.

Reception setting.

Toast to the bride.

Bryan's other nephew and a lot of ice cream.