Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wedding - Laura and Brian

On the August long weekend (I know, I'm a bit behind) I had the pleasure of photographing our good friends Laura and Brian getting married in Victoria. Laura was raised on "the Island", Brian on "the Rock". So we're talking about a Victoria girl marrying a New-found-lander. They now live in Lethbridge?

The ceremony was heartfelt and meaningful, but I knew I was going have problems keeping this post under control so I will skip right forward to the portrait session.

I was pretty excited to shoot in Victoria...ocean, big trees and colorful buildings. Oh, and a red headed bride!

During the reception Brian's Aunts surprised him with a bit of a performance pretending to show up late for the wedding. I think everyone in the room who wasn't from Newfoundland could have benefited from subtitles, but the parts I did understand were hilarious. Lord tunder'in Jesus!

Brian's was a full on wreck during his speech, it was really funny.

Kokopelli mountain biking cake toppers. That's just too good to be true.

Brian's brother James dancing with his Grandma. This could be my favorite photo from the wedding.

There is one of these guys at every wedding.

Laura's is of Dutch heritage. You know once alcohol mixes with Dutch blood that someone is going to cue up some bad music and get out the wooden shoes. Thank God there were Newfoundlanders in the room to get the party back on track.

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