Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wedding - Melissa and Patrick

I am right in the thick of it these days. So much of my time is spent on a computer that I really look forward to this time of year where I actually get to shoot a lot.

I could sum up Melissa and Patrick's day by saying they made a stop during their portrait session and bought me a gelato (coconut - that and pistachio are my favourite flavour, but I hate coconut in pretty much everything else). That really set the tone for what was an enjoyable day.


Melissa has a great smile, but she looks so good with a more serious face that I was finding it hard to choose between one of the other.

Green tea since I guess I am now telling flavours.

There was a tea ceremony just before the reception.

I love how kids are never discreet. Adults take their gifts and quickly shove them in their pockets. Kids pull out the money, wave it around, and then look inside the envelope to see if there is any more.

Lots of cute grandparents...

...and cute kids.

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