Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wedding - Michelle and Cameron

One of my favourite places in world is the Moab area in Utah. I would love to photograph a wedding there (so anyone thinking about a cool place for a wedding let me know). If you haven't been to Moab, then the next best thing is Drumheller, which is basically a mini-Moab, but with way better beer. Last fall I met with Michelle and Cameron and I probably started to drool when they told me about their wedding plans. They wanted to have an outdoor wedding in the badlands. Sign me up!

All winter I conceptualized and pre-visualized some of the photos I wanted to do out there. This one is basically right out of my head, almost exactly the way I wanted it to happen. Even the veil was cooperating. The stars were definitely aligned.

I hadn't thought about doing this set of photos but fortunately last week I picked up the latest edition of Vanity Fair (Bruce Willis on the cover) and it had Annie Leibovitz's portraits of the queen. I love the lighting in that set of photos and when I walked into this building I knew I was going to end up doing a very similar set up. I think Michelle looks a lot better than the queen though!

Coming down the aisle.

Cameron's mom wiping away a tear as the bride arrives.


One last one. It has no significance, but I just think it's cool that there are cacti around here.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Vibe Morning Show

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing the Vibe Morning Show team of Chad Martin, Fuzzy and Dani Rohs. Needless to say, people who get up that early every morning don't lack energy. I would bet all I own, that just about every teacher Chad Martin ever had told him to either sit still or be quite, probably both. A teacher's nightmare is a photographer's dream, I had a great time shooting this team of on air hosts (can I call them DJ's anymore or is that not correct, who knows?). All three of them are actually really nice, normal (well to me anyways) easy going people. It is great to know them.

Left to right - Chad Martin, Dani Rohs, and Fuzzy

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wedding - Melissa and Sidd

As per usual, Spring just kind of skipped Calgary and we went straight into summer, just in time for Melissa and Sidd's wedding. Melissa and Sidd were both really excited about their photo session after the ceremony and we had a lot of fun. They are off to Vancouver this week for the other half (Indian) of their wedding and more photos with the wonderful Jen and Steve Bebb of Bebb Studios.

In this little guys defense, it was a full Catholic Mass.

The wedding party.

The nice people at Crave gave the newlyweds a couple of cupcakes. The photographer got one too! Unlike bears, you should always feed us.

Melissa is a big fan of yellow, so we had to track down a yellow wall.