Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wedding - Suzanne and Jason

I was back at the Ranche last Sunday for Suzanne and Jason's wedding. The lighting was completely different than the week before, which meant the locations I used were different as well (i.e., I had lots of fun). This couple is definitely in love. The first time I asked them to kiss each other it was so intense I had to look away as I felt they needed a moment alone. The more compassionate a couple is the easier they are to photograph (for me), so these two made my job pretty dreamy.

Some details.

The guys.

I love it when unplanned things happen. On a side note, as a cyclist, I cringe when I see people with helmets that fit improperly, especially kids. The worst is when you see people riding around with it on backwards.

This is Jason's nephew. I took a lot of photos of him and this is my favorite. It's really easy to find deep grass when your model is only 3 feet tall.

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Jodine said...

The photos look great! If these are any indication of what's to come, I'm sure Jason and Suzanne are going to be thrilled. I must admit, Dax sure looks cute!