Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wedding - Jess and Cliffy

There are a lot of different things that I like about photography, but perhaps the thing that keeps me interested in it most is being able to tell a story. I always approach the wedding day with the primary goal of documenting it for either people that couldn't attend or for those who could and just forget the details. Suzanne and I celebrated our 8 anniversary this week and we were both shocked at how little we could actually remember about our wedding.

So blogging is a bit frustrating for me because I usually find it takes me at least 100 images to tell the wedding day story and I have a hard enough time keeping the blog current just posting a few.

Jess and Cliffy's wedding, which took place last weekend in West Vancouver and the few photos I am posting don't really even scratch the surface of this story.


Jess's siblings

Jess during her dad's speech.

These guys were up way past their bed time. I love how kids can make a suit look like its been partied in all night.

I have to admit that when I heard the father of the bride was going to have one of his "buddies" sing for the first dance that I was a bit concerned that maybe he should have at least hired a professional. But it turns out this guy could really sing. I think his name was Jimmy or something like that. Its too bad he's kind of old, because I think he would have a pretty good shot at getting on Canadian Idol if it weren't for the age restriction.

You know the party is going to be fun when the Father of the Bride is given'er.

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