Monday, July 09, 2007

Wedding - Colleen and Matt

I did a short post of Colleen and Matt's wedding last week and I wanted to share some more photos now. It was a pretty special day to follow with a camera and I felt pretty privileged to be there. Colleen and Matt were gracious enough to allow a camera from a local TV network to tag along for part of the day to get some footage for a story they are doing on our business, so if it ever gets to-air you might see more of this wedding.

This is Matt's reaction to seeing Colleen for the first time. It doesn't get better than that! I also love how Matt's mom had the exact same reaction (background left).

More and more couples are choosing to see each other before the ceremony and it seems to work quite well. Couples seem a bit more relaxed sometimes because they are typically waiting for the ceremony, instead of rushing to a reception.

Colleen's parents having a good laugh during the ceremony.

The Banff Springs is an impressive venue.

The guests enjoy cocktails and the view.

Colleen and Matt are a pretty playful couple so I expected a bit of a performance during their first dance. They didn't let me down.

The speeches were touching.


Sherry said...

Those photos are perfect. Great capture.

Anonymous said...

Wow Alan those are stunning!! I got teary just looking at these and I don't even know them! Gorgeous work as usual.

Sharon said...

Wow Alan! I am so thrilled to relive that moment. It was fantastic and amazing! You nailed it. Thank you so much.