Friday, July 06, 2007

Wedding - Jacklyn and Trevor

After a nice break I was treated to a perfect day out on the fringe of the Rockies. Jacklyn and Trevor had their wedding at Nakoda Lodge on Chief Hector Lake. If you have never been out there just watch "Legends of the Fall", and that's basically what it looks like. Trevor's crew were non-stop comedy and they had me laughing all day. Good times!

You can't go wrong with a place that has a set of moose antlers mounted on it.

This is Trevor waiting to see Jacklyn for the first time (that day).

The girls reactions were the best. Jacklyn's sister teared up in no time at all.

Like I said, Legends of the Fall.

Groomsmen Peter, keeping the Father of the Bride distracted just before the ceremony.

There is a really neat thing that happens quite often after the first kiss. The couple is usually a bit to distracted by everything in the ceremony and the kiss doesn't quite satisfy them. So they look at each other for a second and then they both feel they need a hug and it usually ends up producing a great candid moment with way more emotion than they kiss had.

I just knew Trevor would be good for a fist pump during their entrance.

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