Friday, July 27, 2007

Wedding - Erin and Andrew

On Sunday I was out at Spruce Meadows to laugh a bunch, meet some great people, taste some good food and of course photograph Erin and Andrew. They have a great group of friends who you can tell love them a lot.

A few shots of Erin before the wedding.

Andrew working the camera.

So this was the office they stuffed the guys in before the ceremony. I meant to get the story behind the tribute to Rodney Dangerfield. Hopefully Andrew will fill me in at some point. That outfit was killer. I think a close friend of mine would better describe it as "turning the rad way up".

Andrew's brother (best man) during the ceremony.

There were a lot of guys at the wedding with hockey pasts and one of Andrews requests was to do a hockey shot. If you played hockey you'll know exactly what he meant, as every year they lined your team up for the exact same shot. I think some of the girls were a bit confused. By the way, you aren't seeing things, Erin has an identical twin.

Father of the Bride.

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