Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wedding - Jillian and Scott

This past weekend felt more like I was on a vacation than actually working at a wedding. These two were so, so, so, easy to photograph that I could have kept them out all evening if it wasn't for that damn reception they had to get to :) I had to laugh to myself earlier in the day when Jillian asked me "you can do touch ups right"? It always seem the most photogenic people don't have a clue that they are photogenic. It was also really cool that these two were genuinely nice people, with great families and an easy going wedding party. Thanks guys.


The guys.


I love sunny days because you can usually find some great lighting if you hunt around a bit. This is a really simple photo and its all about the light.

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Hilary said...

Jillian!! It's Hilary Aubin, from Jr.High/High's been so long I'm not sure that you'll remember me! I can't believe how gorgeous you look, congratulations - and I know you must be so super excited!! I will be sharing that same joy Sept 8 2007...I'm getting married too! My fiance's name is Noel, and we were looking at the pictures Maudie took of you two (and others) ...we're stunned and stuck on this photographer (although we haven't spoken to him yet)... I'm not even sure that you'll read this, but just :) I'm so happy for you, and again - congrats! Best wishes now and always!!