Friday, September 08, 2006

Wedding - Kim and Kevin

I spent the Labour Day weekend in Kelowna photographing Kim and Kevin's wedding. It was an all weekend event and from what I overheard their friends and family in attendance saying, it was the highlight of many people's summer. These two are surrounded by amazing families and friends. A big thanks to Kevin's father Ken for picking me up at the airport and providing me with a car for the weekend.

Picking "just a few" images from this wedding to put on the blog was not an easy task. There are so many good ones, I had to skip over all of the photos from the Saturday and get right to the wedding (on Sunday).

Both the guys and girls got ready at the Hotel Eldorado on Lake Okanagan. It's funny going from the girls to the guys. The girls help each other out, doing each other's make up, helping with the dress, etc. Here Kevin is struggling with his tie and the best man is...

Kim looked amazing.

In the hotel room just before leaving.

The ceremony was at the Cedar Creek Estate Winery, above the lake.

There were lots of great candids from the two days, but I really liked this one of Kim and her dad after the ceremony.

I am pretty sure this guys mom told him he was only allowed one of the Crave cupcakes brought in from Calgary.

After the wine and cheese, Kim and Kevin gave me a few hours of their time to take some photos with just the two of them. The light was really interesting from the forest fires near Hope.

A big thanks to the owner of this barn in Kelowna.

The reception was back at the Elderado.

The couple's reaction to a great slide show put together by Kim's mom.

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