Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wedding - Suneeta and Scott

I love photographing weddings in Calgary, but it's nice to get out of town once and a while. I was thrilled to be photographing Suneeta and Scott getting married at the Riverview B&B near Okotoks on Sunday. Suneeta admits to being a maudieblog junkie, so the pressure was on to get something up this week. Hope you guys enjoy it!

I like to try and do a quick portrait session with the bride just before the ceremony starts. Wow, Suneeta looked amazing.

An overview of the ceremony above the Sheep River.

Suneeta's family during the vows.

There were some really tall people in the wedding party. One of the bigger guys wanted to demonstrate his cart wheel technique. Who says bridal party shots can't have action.

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