Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wedding - Maggie and Tyron

Sometimes the "love in the air" at weddings is so thick it feels like you are moving through warm water. Maggie and Tyron's wedding felt like a therapy session for the heart. It was my last Calgary wedding for 2007 so it was nice to end on a good note.

One of the flower girls waiting for the bride to get back from the salon.

Dad checking to see if the girls had arrived yet.

Maggie before the ceremony

Hands down, the "sharpest dressed" award went to the ring bearer. Not only was his tie slightly epic, but.....

... he rocked a cape! I could see the wheels turning in some of the men's heads. One of the guys I talked to named Kevin was visibly disturbed at being out dressed by the youngster:)

Exchanging rings.

Maggie's parents during the ring exchange.

It was a bit past the prime of fall, but there was still a bit of colour to be found.

Spruce Meadows reception.

Tyron's parents as the couple entered.

The first dance.

Father of the bride during the first dance.

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