Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wedding - Jarret and Tyson

Ok, I realize that it's been a full 2 weeks since my last posting, but I just assumed after the blogging madness of September everyone was getting sick of me. Actually, I had a wedding in Salmon Arm / Sicamous (B.C.) on the Thanksgiving weekend and then caught up with my family in Whitefish for a week of RnR.

Anyways, onto Jarret and Tyson. I always love going back to B.C., since its where I spent the first 20 years of my life. There are so many little differences from Alberta. I guess mainly it just feels like home. The Sicamous area is so scenic, and I had been eagerly waiting for this wedding all year.

12 hours of photography produced a lot of images so here are just a few of my favourites.

Jarret getting into her dress.

The final OK from mom.

Jarret's dad just after giving her away. He reminded me of the scene in movies where someone tries to patch a hole in a dam wall with a piece of gum. It was great to see a father love his daughter so much.

One of the toughest things about being surrounded by beautiful scenery is you tend to feel a bit guilty for setting up photos like this using a rusty old wall, but I just wouldn't have been able to live with myself if I hadn't used it.

Tyson's groomsmen. I told them if they ever start a rock band, I have the cover, they have the hair.

The girls.

Jarret's parents own/operate the local grocery store, so we definitely needed a "attention shoppers, groom's on special in aisle 4" shot. I think this photo is also pretty symbolic of how marriage works, but I won't go any farther because eventually Suzanne will read this.

We didn' t have one single location planned and basically just drove around until I found something interesting. Thanks to Jarret and Tyson for letting me do my thing.

There were some great images from the reception, but this is getting long so I will end it with these two. Jarret's dad surprised her with a lip-syncing of Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash).

Their reaction to him walking into the room. Hey kids, don't read Tyson's lips.

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Lucas said...

I have seen A LOT of pictures of Calgary weddings from Calgary photographers, and your pictures definitely top them all! I love coming here to check out new pics from new weddings!