Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wedding - Deb and Brennan

Cozy and elegant is really the best way to describe Deb and Brennan's wedding at the Post Hotel in Lake Louise. It was the kind of wedding where I was jealous of the guests because they looked like they were just having so much fun.

Brennan's sister.

You have to love dedicated people. Grandma, was not going to miss this wedding even if it meant she was going to get there a little early.

This is the library in the Post Hotel and the same room they were married in earlier. It had some great window light that contrasted nicely with the warmth in the rest of the room. Doesn't hurt to have a beautiful bride too I guess.

The Post is world famous (not a cliche, but seriously world famous) for its wine cellar so we needed to explore that a bit. I was a bit nervous moving around in there with my gear to say the least.

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