Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wedding - Shamsha and Rahim

When I first met Shamsha and Rahim I got the impression that they liked to do things a bit differently, so I wasn't surprised to find out that their reception was going to be a lunch and that they had rented out Vicious Circle for an evening party. The old people were happy that they could go home to bed at 4 (pm) and the young were happy that they could go home to bed at 4 (am). Indian weddings are a photographers dream, so needless to say the photos below are just a brief glimpse at the complete collection and as per usual they are my favourites, which aren't necessarily everyone else's.

Shamsha getting her Sari put on.

A portrait of the groom before the ceremony. Background is the typical scene of guys trying to tie their tie.

Shamsha meeting Rahim in the aisle.

Happy couple having a private moment after the ceremony.

Some bribing during the reception.

Shamsha and Rahim's speeches were great.

Shamsha's parents.

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