Thursday, September 06, 2007

Wedding - Lori and Jeff

For most people Strathmore wouldn't be a first choice for a wedding portrait session. One of the nice things about getting to do an engagement session with a couple is they learn to trust you and realize that lighting and background color/texture/general interestingness (word?) are more important variables in choosing a location. So after Lori and Jeff's wedding in Strathmore I suggested we stick around town for a few photos before going into Calgary for the reception. Thankfully they were into it and the wedding party came along for the ride.

A few details.

In the hallway of the Strathmore Travel Lodge.

During the ceremony.

Strathmore portrait session.

The guys were happier than..., well happy as guys that were allowed to keep drinking their beer during the session.

Wide streets, angle parking, no meters. Paradise.

No angle parking, narrow streets, $30 a day for parking, but a nice background.

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