Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wedding - Bina and Raoul

Before this wedding I had never set foot in Saskatchewan. I love a good road trip and adventure, so driving the 650km to Saskatoon (with my buddy Patty, who instigated deep meaning of life conversation like why backcountry skiing is better than using a lift, discussed over two pizzas and a huge bag of twizzlers) and getting to stop at world famous landmarks like Hanna, Alberta, home of Nickleback (some joker changed the "b" in Nickleback to a "c" on the sign - sacrilege), was a dream come true.

The real dream come true though was getting to photograph an Indian wedding in a really scenic city. Saskatoon, is like a mini Edmonton, without the annoying "City of Champions" signage. There are some great old buildings, big trees and a university campus with a grain elevator.

On to the photos. I don't even know how to start describing this first one. Raoul wanted to include his 10 gallon hat in some of the photos and this was my take on a groom with a PhD and an MD, wearing traditional Indian attire and a cowboy hat. Sweet.

Bina's ceremony Sari was red, yeah!

A huge wedding party.

It started to rain a bit so we headed for cover in a parking garage.

The ceremony was at the Bessborough Hotel.

Raoul and his family entering the ceremony.

The ring going on.

"Hey photo guy, we have had like 10 Cokes."

Their wedding bands were engraved by a family member. Shown here in the take home gift.

I worked hard all day to get Bina's dad to smile, but there was no cracking him. So needless to say I was surprised by his toast which had everyone laughing. Here he is thanking all the Uncles for doing, well nothing.

The couple at sunset with the hotel behind.

You would think the girls here are rocking out to some Bhangra, but actually the DJ spun The Last Saskatchewan Pirate by the Arrogant Worms and had all the Riders fans going nuts.

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