Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wedding - Jacquelyn and Josh

On November 10th I went out to Banff to shoot Jacquelyn and Josh's wedding. I am very grateful to Lynn Martin of Table Talk (coordinator) who made the venues look amazing and the day run so smoothly.

When the freshly married couple came out of the ceremony it was snowing pretty hard, which worked out well for the photos (well, at least for the photographer wearing a winter coat). Not so good if you are in open-toed shoes and a wedding dress. Jacquelyn is pretty tough and did every crazy thing I suggested. As a result I think they have some really dramatic and unique photos. Thanks guys and all the best.


It wouldn't be a Banff wedding unless a tour bus unloaded right beside your car.

Having some fun with the veil.

The amazing reception setting put together by Lynn Martin and the Banff Springs staff.

A tear during the dance with her dad.

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Judyk said...

Alan, My sister, Emily K., told me you had pic's of Jacquelyn & Josh's Wedding posted. I was blown away- they're great. Anyone can take a snapshot, it takes talent to take Great Pictures. You have Great Talent. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!