Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wedding - Megan and Aaron

I like November. Mainly because it’s the month everyone loves to hate and I like an underdog. To me though, it’s the best month for watching movies in front of a fire or reading a book in a coffee shop. There is no guilt associated with not doing something else because there is really nothing else to do (that can't be a proper sentence). When we met Megan and Aaron they told us they were having their reception at a quaint little Italian restaurant called Il Pescatore, it sounded like an ideal November wedding. I was jealous of the guests that were invited.

I love it when couples smile before the first kiss.

Aaron was actually a groomsmen for Steve, who is on the far right. I photographed Steve and Jolane's wedding in the Fall of 2005. There are a few photos of him and his wife in my main galleries.

I wanted to get some images that felt like "November" and I think I got pretty close on this one.

Like I said above, November = coffee.

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