Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Wedding - Katie and David

I probably checked the weather forecast a hundred times last week. I had been looking forward to this wedding at Nakoda Lodge for a long time. Two great people in probably one of the most amazing settings around Calgary during the prime of fall. Needless to say, the forecast for a high of 3 Celsius and rain wasn't making me a happy camper. It's funny how things work out. All the worrying ended up producing a half foot of snow and a really dramatic landscape. Sweet! Now all I have to do is convince the bride to take her silk dress out before the ceremony and run around in the rain/snow. I am so grateful of Katie's attitude, she is amazing, such a good sport and I think the images we created for you should be a pretty good reward. Here are some teasers.

The view from Nakoda Lodge

David and the guys about to see Katie in her dress for the first time.

Ooooh, the irony. These two were definitely hot!

I love these "stalker" shots, but feel kind of creepy when I'm taking them.

Thankfully the ceremony was inside, infront of the fire.

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