Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wedding - Carmen and Jim

In a former life I spent all kinds of time and tuition studying geography and remote sensing. It was fun, but photography is where my heart is. Carmen is a geologist, she knows where to find oil, which is really kind of a handy skill. Jim is in Geomatics, long story short, he makes maps for people. So any ways, we weren't about to get lost on Sunday or be left wondering if an outcrop was a carbonate or siliceous sedimentary rock. The two got married in Cochrane at the Ranche and then had their reception at the Wainright Hotel in Herritage Park (Calgary). Great venues.

The girls before the ceremony. They never explained what the pin wheels were about. It got them laughing though, so who cares.

Carmen wanted to incorporate a kerchief from one of her grandparent's into her bouquet, which was designed by Lea Romanowski of Designing on the Edge. I should probably point out that its sitting in a vase.

Jim during the ceremony.

We got chased by thunder storms all day, it was great!

We finally got caught by the rain at Heritage Park and had to wait it out in the train station. I ended up getting some of my favourite shots of the day in a 8 by 10 room. Funny how that works.

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