Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Farewell Dr. Laura

Last night we went down to say goodbye to Laura and Brian who are moving all the way across the country to Newfoundland. I first met Laura a few years back when I joined a bunch of med students for a hike on the West Coast Trail. Along the trail I got to know Laura and found out she was doing her residency in Calgary. She is a personality clone of Suzanne, I don't think I have ever seen her in a bad mood. Since moving to Calgary we have done numerous hikes, bike rides and skiing trips together. We were really excited for her when she met Brian last fall as they are a perfect fit. Brian added a bit of excitement to the farewell last night by proposing to Laura a few minutes before we got there. We are really sad to see them leave, but so excited for them at the same time and look forward to visiting them in Newfoundland.

Here they are on Sunday's hike. Brian actually had the ring in his pocket all day and wanted to propose somewhere on the hike, but he just never found the right time. Bye guys, we'll miss you.

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