Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wedding - Michelle and Cameron

One of my favourite places in world is the Moab area in Utah. I would love to photograph a wedding there (so anyone thinking about a cool place for a wedding let me know). If you haven't been to Moab, then the next best thing is Drumheller, which is basically a mini-Moab, but with way better beer. Last fall I met with Michelle and Cameron and I probably started to drool when they told me about their wedding plans. They wanted to have an outdoor wedding in the badlands. Sign me up!

All winter I conceptualized and pre-visualized some of the photos I wanted to do out there. This one is basically right out of my head, almost exactly the way I wanted it to happen. Even the veil was cooperating. The stars were definitely aligned.

I hadn't thought about doing this set of photos but fortunately last week I picked up the latest edition of Vanity Fair (Bruce Willis on the cover) and it had Annie Leibovitz's portraits of the queen. I love the lighting in that set of photos and when I walked into this building I knew I was going to end up doing a very similar set up. I think Michelle looks a lot better than the queen though!

Coming down the aisle.

Cameron's mom wiping away a tear as the bride arrives.


One last one. It has no significance, but I just think it's cool that there are cacti around here.

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Karen Doherty said...

Hey Alan,
You pulled off that first shot IMPECCABLY. Wow!