Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wedding - Melissa and Sidd

As per usual, Spring just kind of skipped Calgary and we went straight into summer, just in time for Melissa and Sidd's wedding. Melissa and Sidd were both really excited about their photo session after the ceremony and we had a lot of fun. They are off to Vancouver this week for the other half (Indian) of their wedding and more photos with the wonderful Jen and Steve Bebb of Bebb Studios.

In this little guys defense, it was a full Catholic Mass.

The wedding party.

The nice people at Crave gave the newlyweds a couple of cupcakes. The photographer got one too! Unlike bears, you should always feed us.

Melissa is a big fan of yellow, so we had to track down a yellow wall.


Karen Doherty said...

Fabulous work, as usual Alan. The one of the kid yawning is a total crack-up! Great job.

Roel said...

Brilliant work - as usual!