Friday, May 26, 2006

Wedding - Maya and Arjun

When Maya called way back in October (or maybe it was November) she said she was an artist living in California, getting married in Calgary, and really connected with my work. I had no idea how good of an artist she really is. Check out her website at I’ll spare you the long story, but she was determined to have me photograph her wedding no matter what. Am I ever happy she was persistent and changed her date to one that I wasn’t booked. Maya and Arjun’s wedding was like a playground for photographers. Everyone was so accommodating and the food by the Tajmahal was unbelievable.

The kicker was that the whole event was decorated by Lea Romanowski of Designing on the Edge. I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m stalking her since we were at the same wedding two days in a row. Not only did she make the ceremony and reception venues look amazing, but she also showed up in a Sari and sang a song to the newlyweds which was required to get them to kiss. Wow, I’m just happy if I can get through the reception without getting any food on my shirt!

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