Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wedding - Julie and Kurt

I was a bit nervous about this wedding. I was concerned that an Australian girl with about 9% body fat wasn't going to be too keen on standing around in a snow bank while I played with my cameras. I didn't know the whole story though. Julie (and Kurt) is a backcountry skier, which you won't last at if you don't like the cold. So with my mind at ease and her in a brand new sparkling white pair of Sorels we headed out into the 4 foot snow pack and had a great time creating their wedding images. Here are the photos.

Kurt could possibly miss Canada a bit. Raised in Cochrane, I found him and his brother taping a hockey stick before the ceremony.

The ceremony and reception venue.

Julie peaking at the groom before the vows.


The short winter days chased us inside to the lodge.

This entry is getting a bit long so I thought this would be a good way to summarize the reception, which was every bit as, warm, cozy and inviting as this shot.

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leilarocks said...

Wow.....I was was checking out the sponser's for Vibe's contest and was almost speechless when I got to your photography site!
That very first picture of the couple on the mountain was amazing...well all the pictures were. The picture of Julie outside alone in the snow is almost surreal and the picture of the cabin nestled away in the snow at dusk gives off such a warm, comforting feeling. The picture of Frank and Ailsa in front of the cab in Banff was neat too-everything is dull in the background and then they stick out so vividly. I love them all. Very good work.