Friday, October 27, 2006

Wedding - Angie and Mike

I am a skier at heart. I don't mention it much on the BLOG, but those who have been following my photographic career know that I do submit a fair amount of photography to the greater skiing industry. I am also a bit of a magazine junkie and basically just look at the pictures and read the photo credits. So I knew of Mike, but had never met him. I realize that I will be loosing the majority of you at this point, but I like to refrain from using last names on the BLOG as much as possible. So if you are a snowboarding fan, you'll know Mike. If you aren't well, here are my favourite photos from Angie and Mike's wedding.

As you will see, Angie likes lime green. She likes it a lot. In fact, I bet at some point it probably crossed her mind that she could wear a lime green wedding dress. That would have been cool, but this white was pretty nice too!

A shot of the ring going on.

Angie's parents as the rings are being exchanged.

I love Grandma's expression in the bottom left.

The newlywed couple just after the ceremony. These guys like kissing.

Photographing big groups can be tough if you don't want them to all look stiff and bored. Getting a group to "perform" is an art in and of its own, so when I get this kind of a result I am pretty happy. By the way, this was a great bunch of people and they deserve the credit for being such a fun group.

Couldn't resist this one.

This was my favourite shot of the girls, even though there was a boy in it.

The guys.

I love motion in photos. This one isn't technically perfect, but its one of my favourites from the day.

The Crave wedding cake. Hands down the best cake in town. I thought it was hilarious that they both took a little knife and cut a little cake, but when I looked around no one seemed to be sharing my laughter. Guess I am just a bit weird eh?

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