Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wedding - Kate and Brett

The weather forecast for December 18th seemed to change every couple hours as forecasters struggled with predicting when the Chinook would arrive. It was a few days late, which worked perfect for Kate and Brett’s wedding. The day before there was a heavy hoar frost that turned everything white and the temp stayed below zero for the wedding day. I always feel overwhelmed with guilt when shooting winter weddings. I am decked out in a down coat, warm toque, and gloves while the wedding party does their best to produce a smile. This group was tough. At one point I was photographing the girls and their bouquets were shaking so hard from shivering that I had to increase my shutter speed to stop the movement! I was so happy that we ended up with a crisp, clean, and sunny winter day for Kate and Brett’s photo session in the afternoon. There were so many great photos produced that I had a tough time choosing only one, so I didn’t. Thanks to Kate, Brett and your wedding party for being such good sports.

Kate before the ceremony

I loved the holly

The boys just before the ceremony

Just married

The hardest leason to learn in photography is that you have to be there to get the photo. My hat's off to Kate and Brett for sticking in there to the very cold end. They wanted to stay out and get as many photos as they could and some of the best were just before sunset. Good on ya!

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